Wahab Agus Viral Video Controversy

By | November 19, 2023

Less than a month of service as an assistant officer in the Department of Community Communications (J-KOM) does not limit Wahab to frequent video calls with his boss.

Wahab, whose full name is Abdul Wahab Abdul Jilani, 33, said he and former J-KOM director-general Datuk Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff often chat via video calls on the WhatsApp application even after working hours.

Video Wahab Agus Viral

But Wahab, who is married and blessed with four children, said that the conversation between them was only casual without involving any obscene and indecent elements.

“We were just chatting casually,” he told a press conference in Bangi, Selangor on Friday night.

Wahab’s name has been trending on social media after a video emerged of an obscene conversation between him and Mohammad Agus.

Agus and Wahab’s press conference in Bangi was accompanied by lawyers from both parties.

However, Wahab claimed that the audio on the video was edited before being disseminated for the purpose of undermining the credibility of his former boss.

Wahab claimed that he received instructions from an individual who also served in J-KOM known as ‘Mr H’ to make the recording.

Wahab said that although he often spoke with Mohammad Agus, the recording was his first.

“I’ve had many phone calls with my grandfather. This is the first video I recorded.

“But it wasn’t a real conversation, it was a long video,” he said.

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Wahab added that he was still wearing his shirt when the call was made while Mohammad Agus appeared to be lying on the sofa.

“I’m wearing a suit,” he said in response to a reporter’s question.

Take a screenshot of the video call between Agus and Wahab.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Agus said his video call with Wahab, who had been working at J-KOM since Nov 1, was normal.

But Mohammad Agus said he did not remember the specifics of the actual topic being discussed when the hidden recording was made.

“Allahuakbar… I won’t say anything in bed. A relaxed conversation. Conversation of the father with the son.

“Ask How are you, how was your family… your life. Wahab is like a child. My son is older than Wahab.

“I had a video call with everybody, no offence. “I don’t think it’s weird, I don’t think it’s weird,” he said.

Responding to a question about what exactly he was bragging about when the leaked video showed him kissing her on a phone screen, Agus said he did not remember.

“I don’t know, very specific.

“If yes… I don’t think that’s wrong. “I used to say to everybody,’ I call you baby, ‘” she said.

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