Pradeep Antony controversy in Bigg Boss Tamil 7: red card and serious allegations

By | November 10, 2023

Recently, the seventh edition of Bigg Boss Tamil witnessed a dramatic moment when contestant Pradeep Antony received a red card and was removed from the show.

This controversy not only involved Pradeep Antony, but also involved a number of housemates who made serious allegations against him.

The weekend Episode is in the spotlight due to the disclosure of a serious problem that occurred inside the House.

Red card for Pradeep Antony

On the latest episode, Pradeep Antony got a red card and was kicked out of Bigg Boss Tamil 7. This decision was taken after a series of incidents involving Pradeep in conflict with some of his housemates.

During a conversation on a weekend episode, a number of housemates, including Maya, Poornima, Vishnu, Nixen, Cool Suresh, Akshaya, Mani, Raveena, Anna Bharathi, and Saravanan, made serious allegations against Pradeep Antony.

Host Kamal Haasan engaged them in a conversation, during which each of the housemates confirmed Pradeep’s inappropriate remarks towards women.

Conversations in the weekend episode revealed that Pradeep Antony had used inappropriate remarks towards women inside the Bigg Boss house.

His housemates strongly voiced their disapproval of the behaviour, and host Kamal Haasan also criticised Pradeep’s actions.

Pradeep Antony’s departure and the controversy associated with it has changed the dynamic within the Bigg Boss Tamil 7 house.

The housemates who issued serious allegations against him now have to face a new challenge in Pradeep’s absence.


Pradeep Antony’s controversy in Bigg Boss Tamil 7 created a wave of discussion among the audience. The decision to give him a red card and the serious accusations raised by his housemates give a new dimension to the dynamics within the House. After all, the actions of contestants in this kind of show always invite attention and provide interesting talking points among fans.

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